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Celtic Earth Goddess Ana, & Cape Verde's Queen of Sweet Potatoes

We're bringing you another installment of our #WCW #GoddessWithin Series highlighting Goddesses around the world and real-life women who embody their spirit!

Today's #WCW #GoddessWithin Highlight is brought to you by our Nature Nymph lashes.



 In honor of St. Patricks' Day, we highlight the Celtic goddess Ana, also known as Danu, Annan and Anu, in Ireland. Ana was an Irish Earth Goddess from whom all life emerged. She was seen to embody the earth, rivers, and sea. She offered fertility, abundance, regeneration and nurturing.

In ancient times, the Celts depicted Anu as a beautiful woman. She was worshipped, considered to be the mother of all Celtic gods, and her most powerful gift was that of bringing a bountiful harvest.



Photo credit: Image of Dr. Maria Andrade from ladamaaustin.com


In real life, Dr. Maria Andrade is a pioneering food scientist from Cape Verde whose research has literally created good harvests! Known as the Queen of Sweet Potatoes, Dr. Andrade developed nine varieties of bio-fortified sweet potatoes that are drought-resistant, enriched with Vitamin A, and bred to thrive in varying conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her research has empowered sub-Saharan African farmers and provided food security for millions. In 2016 Dr. Maria Andrade was awarded the World Food Prize.


Do you know a woman who reminds you of the Goddess Ana? Tag her and let her know!

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