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What makes our lash adhesive safe for sensitive eyes?

False lashes can be a great addition to your makeup look - they add that extra umph, taking your look from 10 to 100! But what about lash adhesive? Not only do we make plant fiber lashes, but we also make nontoxic lash adhesive.


Severe allergic reactions to lash glue are surprisingly very common.
So we don't make glue.

You may have heard or seen the horror stories - swollen eyes, red eyes, natural lashes damaged or even lost. Here at Florious, we believe that makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not destroy it. And of course, we focus on making beauty products that are safe for our beauties with sensitive eyes. To that end, we do not sell glue, but instead provide a pressure-based lash adhesive that is chemically different from glue.


Florious lash adhesive was formulated without allergens, carcinogens, or contaminants.


We refuse to use allergens like latex, carcinogens like formaldehyde, or toxic ingredients like parabens. We also avoid ingredients that are at risk for contamination, like carbon black. Instead, our black eyeliner is pigmented using iron oxides, which are a naturally-occurring mineral.


We use the least amount of preservatives that is safely possible.

Our lash adhesive includes water as one of our nontoxic ingredients, and so we are required to also use a preservative in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. Like most makeup companies, we chose to use phenoxyethanol, as it is very effective. However, unlike most makeup companies, our formulation only includes a 0.3% concentration of phenoxyethanol, well below the maximum 1% specified by the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety.


We also packaged our lash adhesive as a 2-in-1 eyeliner.

Because the formula isn't everything! Not only is the felt-tip pen application method super easy, but it's also gentler and safer on your natural lashes.


No damaging residue.

Unlike traditional lash glue, our adhesive eyeliner doesn't leave any residue on your natural lashes or your false lashes. So, when you remove your Florious lashes, your natural lashes won't suffer any damage, AND your false lashes can last longer.


What our customers say:

Florious hemp lashes and nontoxic lash adhesive give you the opportunity to safely add a bit of glam to your clean beauty routine.

Ready to treat your beautiful eyes to the best nature has to offer? Get a lash adhesive that cherishes your eyes, your lashes, and your natural beauty.


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